7 DIY Terrariums for Every Season

Terrariums aren’t just for those with green thumbs. While it’s true that the obvious purpose of making a terrarium is to grow plants that enjoy a humid environment, these days they are filled with all sorts of things, including artificial plants and birds, and other miniature items to create vignettes that reflect any season.

Spice Tin Mini Terrarium

Spice tins make adorable mini terrariums you can hang on the fridge. They are a small, simple and easy project that anyone can tackle. They also make great gifts!

Lantern Terrarium

Sea glass, shells, starfish and sand fill this beachy terrarium! You can also use things like driftwood or other beachy themed items. This is a perfect terrarium for the Summer months!

Beachy Succulents

Here is another beautiful beachy themed terrarium. It’s full of sand and beautiful green succulents. It uses a hurricane vase, but you can use any clear glass container!

Earthy Terrarium

This earthy terrarium is full of fresh succulents, moss and fresh earth. It looks very summery and fresh. You can easily use any clear glass container for this terrarium!

Fall Terrarium

This adorable fall terrarium uses cute mini pumpkins and faux fall leaves. The colors are perfect for autumn. It’s very easy to set up this seasonal terrarium and you can easily change out the items as the season changes!

Winter Terrariums

This adorable winter terrarium has little trees and a small winter village. Little trees or a winter scene would look adorable in any terrarium. Use epsom salts as the base, so that it looks like snow.Making terrariums is a favorite DIY project of mine. (We even had handmade terrariums at every table for my wedding!) They’re fun and easy to assemble, and make great gifts or centerpieces. But in the spirit of the season, I decided to give my terrariums a wintery twist this time around. Swapping succulents and air plants for bottlebrush trees and faux snow, the result is a mini winter wonderland instead of the usual desert landscape.

Coffee Pot Terrarium

A coffee pot? Who would have thought this little project would be so cute? If you have an old coffee pot laying around, re-purpose it with some adorable succulents!When I think Plants and Coffee, I’m instantly reminded of my grandmother. She was one classy lady and she loved her houseplants and roses almost as much as her afternoon coffee. My grandmother always prescribed a robust cup of coffee for any ailment (kinda like Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding)! As a ritual, before cooking dinner my mom and grandmother would sit together and drink their afternoon coffee. It was with them that I had my first taste of coffee.